Friday, June 12, 2015

Kyrstite video game updates.

On June 7th I started work on my Krystite game. A game for ‪#‎Indiedevmixtape‬ contest at /r/indedev. The theme is exploration. In my game you explore space in search for Krystite. The player mines it from the asteroids floating around in space, but the player is not alone. Someone else is also collecting it, and it is a race to keep the boss from being built. The player uses Krystite to build mega bombs to destroy the boss. The evil boss has minions helping them. It is due on the 15th. I should have it ready in a few days.
I'm using Unity 5 to make it. 

On June 11th I'm getting close to my deadline of the 15th, but I have made much progress. I have the helpers finding asteroids to mine, and I've added an indicator for the player to point at the closest rock. I'll add one to point at the closest enemy too.
The plan is for the player to collect Krystite and that is used to destroy the enemy ships. The enemy is also collecting Krystite as well.
I had to revise it because of time restraints.

Added Boss constructor and Boss to game. Updated Fri
Updated game to alpha 1 build. Ready for playing! Updated Sat
Use your mining gun to get Krystite out of an asteroid. It will expel it into space and you have to scoop it up to collect it.
The rules are, the player needs 4 Krystite mined from asteroids to fire the weapon. They are used for energy, so you need more for each shot.
When an enemy miner is destroyed by the player weapon it drops all its Krystite, that you can collect. When they collect at least 10 Krystite they will head to the nearest Boss Factory to build a boss ship.
A Boss ship will hunt you down, and try to destroy you. You have to shot it twice with your weapon to destroy it. That means you need at least 8 Krystite to destroy one.
Points are 10 for Krystite, 100 for Enemy Miner, and 1000 for a Enemy Boss.
The player takes 5 damage if they hit an asteroid too hard. They take 10 damage from touching an enemy miner, and 20 from the boss. The boss plasma gun does 50 damage, so two shots from them and no more player.
Updated Sun
Krystite screen shots

Krystite game in web player
Krystite game in OpenGL

Download the windows game zip file here. Just unzip into your documents folder, or another non-system folder to play.

You can get the source code here.

Update Monday June 16th. Game is now at Alpha 2.
Added healing for player. Uses 5 Krystite, heals up to 50 points of health.
I Did some re-balancing so game is not so extremely difficult. Player needs 1 Krystite to fire weapon now. Enemy Miner takes two shots to kill. Enemy Boss takes four shots to kill. Enemy Boss Base needs 25 Krystite to build Boss ship. Enemy Miners now wont go to Boss Base until they have 10 Krystite to drop off.
I plan in the next update on making it so player can destroy Boss Base with ten shots. When the player does that, it will increase the difficulty of the game. Miners will spawn faster, and more enemy bases will spawn.

6-18-15 Update Alpha 2.5
I did some more re-balancing and tweaking to the game. Enemy Boss now requires eight shots to kill. I added damage indicators to enemies, they smoke when damaged. You can destroy the Enemy Base for a thousand points and what ever Krystite it had at the time. The player will have to shot the base fifty times to destroy it. That does cause a new one to spawn somewhere else too.
The miners now spawn from the Enemy base instead of a random location.
I increased the number of times the player was required to hit an enemy because I felt it was too easy as it was.
It may be a few days for the next update, this should be it for a time as I work on refining the look of the game. That is unless I receive some feedback otherwise.

7-5-15 update Alpha 2.8
First sorry it took so long for this update, I had to work at my paying job a bunch, and this heat is killing me. My brain has been milting every day it got above 90f. After Monday it is supposed to cool off and only hit the mid 80s. I hope this heat wave ends soon.
I did some more re-balancing and found some bugs. I got out my raid and killed them dead.
Changes are it now takes ten shots to destroy a base. Fifty was way too many. When a base is destroyed another spawns.

Future plans are a new enemy, one that makes the bases using Krystite as well. This will add a new dynamic to the game that was bothering me because it was missing. The game will start with four of these base constructors with a timed spawn rate, and there will be no bases to start with. The enemy miners will supply the constructors with Krystite too.

I would love to hear some feedback or tips on what anyone would like to see in the game.
Enjoy! I would love feedback to help me fine tune the game.